Your cover letter/statement of purpose should include:

a. An outline of your study plans.
b. An indication of what you want to do once you have finished your study.
c. An explanation of why you chose this education provider and course.
d. Details of what education/training you have completed in the past or are currently completing.
e. If applicable, information about what you were doing during any gaps in your recent education or
work history (i.e. any times when you have not been studying or working).
f. Details of how you are funding your study including:
› A summary of the evidence of funds you are providing with your application and an explanation of
where these funds have come from. You need to be able to show that these funds are genuinely
available for you to use while you are in New Zealand.
› If you plan to study in New Zealand for longer than one year include a payment plan that explains
how you will fund your future years of study and provide verifiable evidence to support this.
› If you are supported by a financial guarantor, explain how you are related to them, and provide
verifiable evidence to support this.
g. If applicable, an explanation of any previous visa declines for any country (including New Zealand).
Explain the reason(s) for the decline and, if your declined visa was not for New Zealand, provide a
copy of the decline letter.

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