Question: I (student) am not sure if online study is the right option for me. What should I do?

Answer: Try it free for 4 weeks! If you are not comfortable continuing your semester online, you can request an on-campus deferral to the next available intakes (October / November 2020 or January 2021). You will not be charged for the September 2020 semester and your fees will be transferred to Next Available Intake. The deferral deadline is October 30, 2020.

Students who register for online classes and then request a deferral after the October 30, 2020 deadline will be subject to our refund and withdrawal policy.

Question: What things are required to study online at M College of Canada?


  • You must have a Final Letter of Acceptance from M College of Canada
  •  You must have an approved Copy of CAQ/ CAQ Approval letter OR Visa / Study Permit Approval letter.
  • A computer or a laptop (Dual Core 2Ghz or Higher, i3/i5/i7 or AMD equivalent, with 4Gb of RAM)
  • Bandwidth for best quality 5.0 Mbps (up/down) is strongly recommended.
  • A Webcam and microphones are strongly recommended.

Question: Will studying online, outside Canada, affect my (student) study permit compliance or Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) eligibility?

Answer: Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have approved students to complete up to 50% of their program online, outside Canada. IRCC has confirmed that students studying online, outside Canada, remain eligible for the PGWP program and students will not have any time deducted from the length of their future PGWP, up to Dec 31, 2020. These exceptions have been made due to the global COVID-19 situation. You can review this information on the IRCC website by clicking HERE.

Question: Which programs are eligible to study up to 50% of their courses online outside of Canada?


  • Business Management (Regular Track & Fast-Track) *
  • Early Childhood Education Techniques (Regular Track & Fast-Track) *
  • Project Management in Graphic Communications Techniques (Regular Track) *
  • Multimedia Integration Techniques (Regular Track) *

Students must have a laptop to attend these programs.

Question: What are the advantages if I (student) opt for online studies?


  • Safety from COVID-19 Health Hazards
  • Eligible for Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP).  PGWP is not impacted in case of up to 50% online classes from home country
  • Flexi Approach, with classes in the student’s Time Zone.
  • 4 Weeks of Free Trial of Online Classes.
  • Quality of Education is maintained by adopting a cutting edge hybrid model of education- blended learning delivered both via online and on-campus classes.
  • Time is precious, Save it. Join September 2020 intake and finish your program on time, thus avoiding a study gap in your career
  • Save Financial resources (No Immediate travel expenses and other costs living abroad). GIC is saved until the students do not arrive in Canada.

Question: How do I (student) know if my internet connection is fast enough?

Answer: Are you able to watch Netflix, YouTube, or other video streaming services at home?
If so, your internet speed should be sufficient for online study.

Question: How are the online classes delivered?

Answer: Online live classes will be delivered by college faculty via leading Video Communications/ conferencing open source platforms (such as zoom), keeping in mind the highest quality of pedagogy.

Question: What if I (student) lost the connection during the class / Have less connectivity?

Answer: Live, faculty-led lectures are recorded and available to view any time.

Question: I (student) live in a different time zone. Will it be difficult for me to study online?

Answer: Online courses will be delivered at flexible times to accommodate as many students from as many regions as possible.

Question: Will I (student) have an opportunity to interact with faculty and other students?

Answer: Yes, our online learning is designed to be interactive! You will not only take part in online lectures, complete projects, quizzes, and assignments but also, communicate with faculty and students in a virtual environment.

Question: How will be the quality of education maintained?

Answer: M College of Canada has adopted a hybrid model of learning with a similar level of accessibility like regular campus classes. We are using cutting edge technology and real-time simulation software to replicate in a lab environment and experience for our students. Remote access software is being used to enhanced involvement.

Question: Canada is known for its diversity and multicultural approach. How will I (student) experience a similar environment through online learning mode?

Answer: At M College of Canada, diversity is our priority. We have students from across the globe and focus on their holistic development. Our collaborative learning management system and approach ensure that the student can connect with buddy network of the campus along with faculties during, before, and after the classes. Students will have real-time access to our virtual campus in which they can connect anytime with our diverse professionals across student services team, administration, management, faculties, finance, etc.

Question: How will I (student) access require courseware such as textbooks?

Answer: Resources including e-textbooks/presentations will be available electronically. M College of Canada is using one of the world’s most popular learning management system to provide a collaborative learning experience. The platform is designed to provide educators and learners with a single robust, secure, and integrated system to create personalized learning environments. Using this system, each student will get a personalized login id and password in which they can access their assignment, course materials, presentations, etc. for upcoming lectures, assignments, projects, examinations, etc.

Question: What if I (the student) do not understand certain topics taught in online classes and want to discuss it privately with the faculty to clear my queries, like a real-time campus

Answer: M College of Canada understands that some students prefer to discuss queries personally. The students have access to all the facilities of the virtual campus and can get in touch with their faculties anytime before and after the classes during college hours to discuss any query individually.

Question: Do you have any students already attending online classes residing outside of Canada?

Answer: M College of Canada witnessed a highly successful online May 2020 intake with over 80% of students experiencing online classes under the current travel restrictions due to which they were unable to travel into Canada.

Question: I’ve never studied online before. Will it be challenging?

Answer: Online study requires motivation, self-discipline, and effective time management skills. This is a great opportunity to develop skills valuable to your ongoing studies and post-graduate employment success.

  • 90 – 95% satisfaction rate from current online students.
  • 88 – 93% success rate from current online students.

Question: Are there any changes to my program fees?

Answer: M College of Canada has developed a comprehensive virtual classroom and campus experience by adopting various cutting-edge technology management systems and hybrid teaching models in order to provide real-time in campus experience. The students will have access to all the services which include but not limited to faculty, administration, peer group networking, student services team, finance team, and reception. Moreover, students studying remotely, outside Canada, are not required to purchase international student medical coverage – CAD 426/Semester. All other program costs are unchanged. CAD 426/ Semester will be adjusted when the student arrives in Canada.

Question: I (student) am paying for lab fees as part of my program. Why is the college charging me for such a component for online classes?

Answer: M College of Canada understands and appreciates the importance and use of laboratory practical-teaching methodology. We have implemented course (subject) specific remote access software to enable students to experience in-lab environment remotely. The students from the comfort of their homes can log in into these easy to access software and enjoy simulative campus labs.

Question: How much attendance is required to pass the courses?

Answer: All Students must have a minimum of 85% attendance in every course to pass the semester successfully.

Question: What if I (student) fail in any course/module in the semester?

Answer: Students will be offered 1 FREE Remedial Exam for every course subject to having a minimum of 85% of attendance in that course/module.

A student who fails the course and does not have required % of attendance will have to retake the classes again for the given course.

Question: How will I (student) appear for exams (final and midterms) and work on assignments, projects?

Answer: Specific time-restricted examination links are provided to the students, which contain examination questions. Student can submit their projects and assignments electronically for grading. Our pedagogy is less focused on memorizing the data and concentrates on understanding the concepts. The learning outcome is to test the knowledge and practical use instead of the ability to memorize it.

Question: What happens if there is a technology failure during my classes or exams?

Answer:  In case of technical issues, the student can get in touch with and      +1-514-466-4646. For students specifically from India, below is the contact info for additional support:

  • Anmoldeep Singh, Student Services Coordinator Leader: or WhatsApp at +1-514-4600
  • Harpreet Singh, In India Support Coordinator: +91-7527098315

Question: What happens if I complete 50% of the program online and still not able to travel to Canada?

Answer: At M College of Canada, we are closely monitoring the situation with concerned authorities. We will provide all the best possible solutions and support to all our students during this period.

Question: What happens to my PGWP Eligibility if my courses moved online and will now account to more than 50% of my overall study?

Answer: If you were already in Canada and your courses or program have moved to online due to COVID-19, you may still be eligible for the PGWP, even if your online study now accounts for more than 50% of your overall study.

Question: Do I need to attend online Orientation Sessions?

Answer: Yes, an Online orientation session will be conducted. Students will be issued digital Student ID Cards. You will receive further information and instructions by email during the week of September 28, 2020, for our Fall 2020 intake.

Question: When will I receive more information about my online program?

Answer: The registration for online studies starts during the week of September 28, 2020. Online classes are scheduled to begin during the week of October 05, 2020

Question: What happens if I do not want to study online?

Answer: You can submit a deferral request to the next available Intakes (October / November 2020 or January 2021) by filling out our Online Web Application Form.

Question: What happens if I want to apply for a refund of fees from M College of Canada?

Answer: Students who request a refund and whose visa is approved for May 2020 Intake and are not able to travel to Canada for next two Intakes (i.e. September 2020 and Jan 2021) due to travel restrictions are eligible for a FULL refund of Program fees (No Deduction) except wire transfer fees. Students who request a refund and whose visa is approved for September 2020 Intake and are not able to travel to Canada for next Intake (i.e. Jan 2021) due to travel restrictions are eligible for a FULL refund of Program fees (No Deduction) except wire transfer fees.

Student refund cases beyond the above-mentioned eligibility will be subject to our refund and withdrawal policy.