Please share the below information with our Fall 2020 new intake students. We will keep you and students informed about the procedure of online registration, orientation.

  • *All new students are expected to take part if Orientation, Tuesday, September 8th, in order to ensure readiness for their academic programming starts the next day.
  • *Start date is Day 1, September 9th, and all students are expected to be enrolled, fully equipped with technology and texts and materials as needed, and participating fully in their programming.
  • *Students of the Schools of Trades and Apprenticeship, and of Health Sciences and Emergency Services CANNOT be admitted late to their programming. Explanation: the applied nature of this programming in workshops and laboratories at the outset, combinations of social distancing and condensed in-person programming, and a certain volume of initial troubleshooting to be expected within the programming, IT, or student and enrollment services, does not permit accommodation of late arrivals.
  • *Students of the Schools of Applied Science, and of Business and Community Services CAN be admitted late to their programming up to and including Day 5 since most online programming, and certain lab-based programming is of a nature that can accommodate a somewhat late start.
However, a late arrival beyond Day 5 -over a week late– is not allowable. Explanation: the dynamics of online instruction including asynchronicity,  cumulative online discussions and assignment work including group work, all present challenges to accommodate and maintain course ‘tone’ and progress with momentum, and again a certain volume of initial troubleshooting to be expected within the programming, IT or student and enrollment services, does not permit accommodation of further late arrivals.
  • *”Late students” need have a compelling reason for their lateness, as usual -ie. could not travel until a certain date, illness, a certain misc. problem but communicated in advance, “didn’t know (for a plausible reason), etc.
  • *In accommodating latecomers program and student service staff can make the decision to accept late students, or not, within these parameters. If not enrolled due to lateness, the applicant forfeits their deposit. A deferral may be considered and offered, usual rules and guidelines apply.


  • *Any student dissatisfied with the above, or seeming to need some exception beyond the limit permitted above, or other difficulties with timing, or appealing a decision persistently (more than twice) should be referred directly to the international office.