Opening the introductory statement about the student.

● Ensure this is accurate, impactful, comprehensive, and original.
● Avoid putting ambiguous details, should be focused or build on to their choice of program
Introductory Paragraph
● Why has the student chosen this course/program?
● Their inspiration and background behind choosing the program
● Unique understanding and perspective of the program of the student

Body Paragraph/s

Things the student has done to demonstrate their interest

● Academic: how the subjects they chose to study at school add to the skill set for their chosen course
● Interests: how their professional or extra-curricular activities add to the skill base and how these skills will help them cope with university studies
● Activity-Benefit-Course technique

Supporting Paragraph/s

● Why have they chosen this university?
o Features, highlights and offers that are university-specific, that link with the above-demonstrated interests
● Why do they want to study in the UK?
o Their motivation behind choosing the UK as their study destination
● Avoid generic, run of the mill statements. The response must be relevant, unique and cohesive with what the student has written so far

Concluding Paragraph

● What are the student’s career aspirations?
● Their personal ambitions and how will this course/choice help them achieve it
● This paragraph must reflect and tie-up all that has been stated to cohesively explain their future goals and career plans which must be connected to their choice of program, university, and destination
Pro-tip: Link this with the student’s plan of coming back to home country and applying his/her learning

Key points to remember:

● The statement should be on the first-person basis, as written by the student themselves
● Do not go for a ‘one size fits all approach’. Each SoP for each application must be unique and original
● Review, review, and review! Many rejections can be avoided by reviewing the statement thoroughly to eliminate both minor and major errors
● Plagiarism is not acceptable.

_Avoid instant rejections by checking your student’s SoP for plagiarized content before submitting it. Some online tools available for the purpose: _

● The SoP must clear, concise, and well structured, avoiding generalized and vague statements.

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